Sunday, May 06, 2012

Easter in May

I'm loving these flashbacks...aren't you? Now we get to enjoy a little bit of Easter in May. I wish they were still selling Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs.

We tried to get a family picture before church but only had a few minutes and a tripod. So here's the best we could do...poor posing and all!

I've failed again at choosing a reasonable egg dye kit. Here's last year's attempt. This year I picked the kit where you melt crayon wax on hot eggs. That's totally safe for a 1 and 4 year old. Notice Kent blowing on his little burnt finger in the photo below. Clark also gives bunny ears at a very appropriate time. Whenever I start taking pictures Kent turns his head to the side and asks, "see?" It's too dang cute.

In Jason's family, the kids used to hide a carrot for the Easter Bunny to find. The Bunny would then leave their basket where they left the carrot. The kids were so creative with their hiding spots. Clark hid his under the coffee table and Kent hid his on top of the same table. Made it easy for the E.B. though.

Kent found the football first thing and didn't want to look at anything else. That is until he found out that there was candy in some of those eggs! Clark knows what he's doing and tears through one thing after another with such speed and fury that I usually only get a blur in photos. He did learn about the delicate nature of eggs this year as he crashed the two eggs together after he found them. Good thing they were hard-boiled!

Easter Egg hunt - Wilde style

I'm not sure how it happened, but this year there were a lot of empty eggs. I'm guessing one of the boys opened the eggs and then left the empty carcass on the ground. It was great to watch Clark and Zachery open up eggs and keep saying, "'s empty." Clara decided to just eat the basket since there wasn't any candy. Kent gave up entirely and just played with the big ball. And Eve clung to the hopes of shiny little barrettes.

Eeek...these kids are too cute! (l to r - Eve, Zachery, and Clara)

Easter Egg Hunt with the Dark Side

My mom does a glow in the dark Easter Egg hunt each year. This year she stepped it up and bought them each headlamps for their Easter baskets. They looked so funny with them on! She put those glow stick bracelets in the big eggs with the money. We were pretty anxious, so we started before it got really dark, maybe next year we'll be able to hold out a big longer!

Just hilarious.

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Melissa said...

Wow! I think your Easter was more eventful than my Christmas! Oh, and you're looking mighty beautiful!


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