Monday, May 23, 2011

Easter 2011

A few days before Easter, I decided that maybe this year would be a good year for us to start dyeing Easter eggs. I think Clark was ready, but I wasn't. I mean...who knew...I have a Master's degree and had to look up how to boil eggs, seriously?! Yes. Once we had that figured out, the rest was easy. Messy, but easy.
 Kent joining in the non-dyeing fun.
 Maybe the splatter Easter eggs were a bad choice...I don't know.
Grandma and Grandpa picked up these cool glasses for Clark along with some mail order praying mantis eggs. Clark absolutely LOVES these glasses. We call him SuperMantis! Note to self: do not bring these glasses to church again.
Opening Easter eggs was the best part of the day. Really...the rest of the stuff was pushed aside if there was a little egg with a treasure inside.
Kent got a basket too, but he didn't care one whit about it. Clark ended up taking all his toys out of his basket too.
 We do two Easter egg hunts too. One with Grandma and Grandpa and family...
And one with Gigi and Boompa and family...
The bucket heads waiting for us to hide the eggs.
 Kent says, "Look mom...I found two. That was easy!"
Don't you love this lamb-y cake? It's tradition for us to have one every year with my family. Apparently they aren't popular all over the country. Have you ever seen one? or eaten one?
The Easter holiday ended with a bang...or a bruise, maybe. Clark got his first black eye. He fell down on the stairs at Dave and Kelli's house.
 A few band-aids and he's all better. Band-aids are amazing. Honestly.
That night he stayed overnight by Dave and Kelli's. He had such a fun time. He didn't want to come home at all. Josh, on the other hand, was definitely ready to be rid of him by the next day!!

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