Monday, May 07, 2012

We Go to the Zoo A LOT

We decided to take yet another zoo trip last month while the school kids were out on spring break. We do love the zoo. The kids can run around more than at say a museum. And each time we go it seems that we see the animals doing something exciting and different from the last time.

Kent and Eli enjoying a little roo pouch time.

Cana, Ali (and baby Ali), and Eli

This giraffe was so funny. He had to spread his legs wide so he could eat some grass. Kent saw him do it and laughed and then tried to do it himself. Now that's the picture I should have taken...oops.
 Bottoms up!

Clark humoring me with a picture.

Anyone know what these pretty flowers are? I just love them.

Hudson enjoying some sun.

This peach throat monitor was crazy active. He was running back and forth with the kids. Usually the reptiles are pretty dull (don't tell Jason I said that).

And I'm posting this here because I know I'll need to refer to it many times being the mother of boys. It's sound advice for primates of all kinds. You know...Jerry Springer would be a lot less exciting if people followed these rules.

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