Thursday, January 05, 2012

Grandpa's Journal

We decided to tackle a HUGE project for Jason's family this Christmas. We started the project back in August and worked on it each Sunday through December. We finished with about a week to spare!!

Jason's grandpa wrote his life story down in four handwritten journals. We decided that it would be nice if each family member had a copy of the book. So we decided to type the journals. Each Sunday afternoon, Jason would take care of the kids while I typed my little fingers raw (slight exaggeration!). 

Isn't it lovely?

We put photos many of the photos that we have of grandpa and his things in the book as well. It really took the book to the next level! I'm glad we had so many photos to work with.

I can't talk about grandpa without putting in a note about his Skull Collection... "One more thing that I should touch on, without which my journal would not be complete...I have a skull collection." He listed his entire collection. He also included all of the birds that he has seen in his lifetime. Very interesting!

The last few pages of each journal has lined pages for the owner to write their own personal memories of grandpa.

The journal maxed out at 221 pages. Wow! We also included a DVD at the back of each book with the scans of handwritten pages and the PDF of the typed file. We had them bound at Staples. Once we started working with an associate who was a little more committed, we didn't have any troubles!

Grandpa really gave his family such a gift with his wonderful record. I'm glad that we were able to take his gift and have it bound for the entire family to enjoy.


Melissa said...


That is amazing! Sure makes "The Book of Classics" look like a minor project.

Emma said...

What a wonderful gift for your family.


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