Monday, January 09, 2012

Chicago Wolves Hockey

We enjoyed a good old Chicago Wolves hockey game this past Saturday. Jason absolutely loves going to the games. I can tolerate one a year. They really aren't that bad, but I can't imagine going over and over again...more on that later. We played the Lake Erie Monsters and won 3-1. I know you're excited!

Skates shooting fireworks out of his hands. The game opening is really cool at the Wolves games. Fireworks, lasers, music and more. Clark hates it and hides in someone's armpit while it is going on. Kent didn't really like it either.

Puck Drop

Kelli's travel agency is now advertising with the Wolves, so here's her ad in the Breakaway magazine! Cool, huh? Go ahead and call Ultimate Travel JSK, Inc. for all of your travel needs. As part of their advertising, they get season tickets to the games. So now we can go to games lots more, yay!

Family Game Night

Evolution of a Hockey Hug. I was trying to get better pictures, but Clark was sitting on my lap and wiggling so much!

Kent loved every single thing about the game. He loved the pom pom that we got (as part of the Girl Scout night), the food, the drinks, the screaming, the music, hanging with Grandpa, everything!

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-michele said...

Love how Clark's hand is touching Jason's face...


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