Friday, November 11, 2011

11 Reasons to Smile on 11.11.11

I love that it's 11.11.11! That's my kind of day. are my 11 reasons to smile today.

1. $1 Large Diet Coke at McDonald's (This one makes me happy lots of days!)
2. Going to the zoo with my boys and some friends - see pics below
3. Kids sleeping on the car ride home
4. Snapfish redoing my order for 875 prints without any hassle
5. Watching Kent play with Godzilla
6. Cooking enough chicken for 2 meals
7. Having some time to get on the old bloggity blog
8. Kent wearing my favorite PJs
9. Listening to Clark explain video games to Jason ("I know how to play this walk around and find the bad guys and fight them.")
10. Reese's Peanut Butter Bars
11. Late night TV with Jason

Here are some pics from the zoo today...

At the play zoo, they have a place to color your face. Clark loves this. Here he's drawn himself some tiger stripes. Do you remember that Comcast commercial, "Roger, you tiger now." That's all I can think of...

Seriously...the kids were the cutest little zookeepers. They swept the floor, counted the animals, prepared food for the animals and did some laundry. I'm getting some zookeeper shirts so they help out more at home too.

Love this look Kent is giving...he's watching poor Philip have a small tantrum because he wants the broom (see bottom left pic of the collage).

(Top to bottom) A photo so we knew what to tell the zoo workers when we lost one of the kids. Not a bad idea considering these kids! Clark pets a yellow rat snake. Kent tries to convince me that the egg is really a ball and that we should play catch. We got to see the wolves up REALLY close. Ran into a new bird, the guinea fowl. Love that Kent is smaller than the brooms. Philip and his favorite broom. Kent, the lemur, watching the actual lemurs. Clark the penguin. And finally the kangaroo pouch!

Just a preview of the fun I will have trying to get a decent Christmas card picture!?!

What did you do for 11.11.11?

1 comment:

MALaub said...

Great pictures, Mary. You and your camera did a wonderful job. Thanks for getting a picture of happy Phil with broom instead of hysterical Phil without broom.

I quite like the last picture of Clark and Kent. At first glance, Clark looks a little sinister because of his Snidely Whiplash "moo-stash," but then I noticed beneath the mustache, he has a sweet, loving look for his brother.


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