Friday, October 14, 2011

Three Easy Ornaments

I just love all of the ideas I see with these clear glass ornaments. They have so much potential! Here are the three versions we are crafting for Super Saturday this year. The holly sprig idea came from Better Homes and Gardens found here. The monogram ornament is a very crude knock off of a Pottery Barn ornament found here. But what we lack in style we made up for in $12.75...fair trade?

Cost: $1.25 per ornament.
Time: 10 minutes

Want to make some of your own?

Clear Glass Ornaments
Filler (this can be anything that you can make small enough to fit through that top hole!!)
Tacky Glue

1. Fill ornament...

For the holly filled ornament, I simply cut the holly sprig from a holiday pick and curled it up to fit it in the hole. I took a glue dot and stuck the holly to the inside of the top of the ornament. It will be covered by the hook thing, so you won't see the glue dot.

For the photo ornaments, I created an ornament template in Photoshop and then added my art. I printed on vellum so the lights will shine through them when they are on the Christmas tree. Cut out the ornament on the inside of the border.

Use a homemade funnel to fill with a few pinches of snow. (Don't you love the mess in the background?!)

Curl the pic and slide it in. Be sure to keep the tab at the top and the snow on either side of the vellum.

2. Reassemble the ornament. Line the top with a bit of Tacky Glue.

3. Glue ribbon around the ornament overlapping the end by just a bit. Use another little drop of glue to hold it together.

4. Tie a ribbon on to use as the ornament hanger.

Another project completed!!

There are so many things you can do with these clear ornaments...time capsules, family vacations, fill with sand from the beach, all sorts of fun ideas!

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