Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pop Up Camper - Part 1

So the Pop Up Camper Redo has begun. Here is the camper all popped out with the crazy awning/screen room. The screen room doesn't really work but the awning is nice. The camper is in pretty good shape. The canvas is relatively new and only has a few minor places where it needs to be repaired.

Before - front

Before - back

When we opened the camper and started moving things a bit, we noticed some pretty bad spots on the roof. Jason just patched the really awful spot, but we are going to wait until winter before we redo the whole roof. It's not leaking or anything so we should be okay but it needs to get fixed.

We took out all of the cabinets and made a bunch of dirt so the after photos look better. It's a good plan in my book. This is the front of the camper.

Back of the camper with cabinets removed.

I scraped all of the walls to remove the loose woodgrain paper. I cleaned it with a TSP cleaner. Then I put on a coat of primer and two coats of paint. We decided to go with Wilmington Tan by Behr. The color almost matches the canvas perfectly. We are painting the cabinets dark but I didn't want the walls to be dark as well even though you don't see much of them.

We replaced the flooring with click lock vinyl flooring. It looks so nice! What a difference it made! A lot of people use the sticky kind, but we like the idea of a floating floor a little better.

A view from outside the camper. Freshly painted walls, new won't recognize this place when we're done!

More updates soon!


Melissa said...

I'm a bit embarrassed to say that I didn't know you could remodel a pop-up. I'm SUPER excited to see the end result. I know you two have major skills in that area. I may even call them skillz just for fun.

Glad you're documenting everything....if even only for insurance purposes.

-michele said...

I have to admit, I am a bit jealous...

The progress looks great, but I don't understand why you changed the flooring. Yellow lino? Comeon, it's a classic!

Pink Sandal said...

I have a pop up camper and will be remodelling this year. Can't wait to start. And can't wait to see your finished camper x

Sharon Gariano said...

I have a pop-up that we purchased new, but is now 10 years old. They put white vinyl in ours and it looks shabby after all the sand has scuffed it up. I plan on painting the walls (not much shows) and the cabinets a pretty green from another remodel I saw. But you are the first person I've seen brave enough to really gut the camper. I don't want to lay my flooring just in front of the cabinets, so I'm removing most of them with the exception of the refrigerator/water heater/stove cabinet. Thanks for giving me the courage to go the whole way. Can't wait to see the rest of your renovation. You go Girl!

Brandy J said...

We just bought a pop up today. We will be gutting and redoing ours as well. Pretty excited to see how yours will come out! :)

Debi Holley said...

I have an old 80's starcraft that I am going to gut, redo and turn into a teardrop for a traveling sewing room. (I hear a collective sigh from the male The family camper is a trailer that the hubster doesn't want me to sew I will have my own to "retreat" to when we are on the road on longer stretches. Love the flooring.


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