Monday, May 19, 2014

C2E2 - 2014

The boys have been anxiously awaiting C2E2 since they came home from the event last year. Jason "encouraged" them to take pictures with characters by telling them that whoever took pictures with the most characters would get a special prize. Clark just barely won with 12 different characters. Kent had 10. I think Clark ended up getting $1 or something. Not sure if that bribe is going to work again next year...

The highlight of Jason's day was meeting Tom Cook. He's an animator who worked on the original He-Man series. You can see Jason's excitement...the kids seem unimpressed!

Pictures with Ecto 1

It's pretty amazing that people create these costumes and attend the convention just for fun. The boys loved that they were able to hold some of the weapons for the picture. Hawkgirl's costume is pretty awesome.

This year the Friends of Scales Reptile Rescue was there drumming up support. Let me tell you who is excited about's NOT me. Of course these three loved it.

Thundercats, Ho!

Love this picture even if it is a little on the blurry side - Clark always the performer; Kent pointing just cracks me up.

In true Wilde form, they are already looking forward to next year's show...

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