Friday, January 31, 2014

Tubing Fun

Josh celebrated his tenth birthday at Villa Olivia for tubing. After the sadness of the forgotten snow pants, we all had a great time. Even if some of us were a little colder than others. Some of the group ready to go! 

Ready for some tubing fun!

Clark and Kent had the best time ever on the hill. Clark jumped right in and rode all by himself. Kent had to ride with an adult, but he didn't mind one bit! Jason had him hugging him for the first two or three rides. Then he turned him around to face forward and Kent just went crazy with excitement!

The best part...not having to walk up the hill. Minimal effort. Maximum fun.

Some fun shots of people coming down the hill. Thanks Gigi for taking them! Top to bottom, left to right: Clark, Boompa, Alvinia, Uncle Dave, Jason and Kent, me

And finally the birthday boy! I didn't see him out on the hill at all, but I saw him for a little bit at the restaurant afterwards. Happy Birthday Josh! Thanks for such a wonderful time!

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