Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Strength of the Pack is the Wolf

and the strength of the wolf is the pack.

Our annual Wolves game was nothing short of fantastic! The Chicago Wolves beat the Rockford Ice Hogs in a sold out game. It was also the girl scout night which is the best night ever to go see a Wolves game. The crowd is insane. I was a little worried when the game was tied in the third period. It seems like every game we go to ends in some ridiculously long overtime struggle. Normally I'd say cool, but not with such little kids. The Wolves came through and scored for us just in time. Thank you!!!

Clark and Kent both wanted snow cones when we first got there, so I brought back a red one for Clark and a blue one for Kent. Then Kent tells me he doesn't want the snow cone. So I ate it. Notice my blue smile above. Then about 30 minutes after I had the last satisfying bite of snow cone, he tells me that he wants to have a blue snow cone. Grrrrrrr.

Kent did love the game. He sat and watched most of it. He would often stand up so he could be ear to ear with Jason to discuss hockey, or just where Skates was!

I took a video of the crowd going wild. You don't get the full effect, but you get the idea. It was loud!

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-michele said...

tradition resumes next year...


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