Monday, December 16, 2013

Wilde Family Gingerbread Construction Company

Our first year doing Gingerbread houses! Let me tell you this won't be the last. Except next year I am going to be buying one for me too. I bought the premade houses at Costco this year so we could just get right to the decorating. I'm not sure if I'll ever brave the gingerbread and icing myself. This was so easy!
And we quickly learned how yummy it is to just eat the icing. Kent kept asking me if it was okay to put candy, frosting, fondant, etc. in his mouth. He couldn't wrap his head around the awesome idea that everything could be eaten! Definitely his kind of craft!

Our finished houses. Clark left a side of his house plain, so I quickly asked him if I could decorate that side. It was so fun to play with candy and frosting. I want to do my own next time!

For some other gingerbread house fun check out these fun sites:
The Gingerbread Construction Company
The World's Largest Gingerbread House

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-michele said...

These are adorable. WE LOVE Gingerbread houses! I bought a cutter set that does nativity and houses and every year, I say that I am going to go from scratch and every year... ahem... I don't!

Our first year, I just got the kid's houses... and I quickly learned that I NEEDED one too. My OCD mind couldn't handle the randomness of theirs!


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