Friday, October 18, 2013

vs. Bengals

Clark loves to play the Bengals. I'll give you one good guess why he loves it... 

This game they gave each of the kids a chance to run the ball. This was Clark's first time doing it and he loved it. Even if he didn't get too far before he was on the ground. Hopefully he'll get another chance next game.

Kent was such a crab for the first half of the game. He was mad that we didn't have his squishy football and only brought the real football. He would not give it up. I finally had to take him aside and tell him (read: yell at him) that he was not going to have the squishy football at this game so he should just let it go and be happy. He didn't like my suggestion and spent a good portion of the game on the sideline with dad. After half time he came over and told me that it was okay that we only had the real football because he likes real footballs. Aye.

Other highlights:

  • It was our first game in the rain (just a little drizzle)
  • Grandpa was on the chain gang too
  • The Giants made a touchdown in the last 30 seconds

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