Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Legendary Cutlass

We said goodbye to our dear little Cutlass last week. We wanted to write down a few of our favorite memories about her. She's now a legend as we start our stories with, "Remember our dog Cutlass who..."

Clark drew his favorite memory of Cutlass. He loved how she would run around outside while they played. She was so fast. Even when she was older, she could still run laps around us all. She used to run a perfect figure 8 at top speed when I would let her out.

Alvinia made a lovely card in memory of Cutlass too.

Jason's favorite memory: He loved how much Cutlass HATED the water. She would do anything she could to avoid getting in the water or even walking near it. Here's a link to the time we found out just how much she hated water. You can see in the bottom picture how she's leaning over to the left so much so she would be farther away from the water.

Another of Jason's favorite memories: How excited she would get when he came home. He always told us that he wanted us to act just like Cutlass when he got home.

Mary's favorite memory: She could jump anything...and she did too. My favorite memory was at our old house when I tried to keep her in the kitchen. I put a baby gate up and then climbed over the gate to the family room. I turned around and she was right behind me in the family room. So we went back to the store to buy another baby gate. I put this one up and she scaled two baby gates to get to the family room. So we went and bought a third baby gate. This one was a little trickier for her. She would jump to knock the top one down and then jump over the two gates. Other things she liked to jump...over fences, onto countertops, and on the lap of anyone who would pet her.

Another of Mary's favorite memories: When we first got Cutlass she would sleep in our bed under the covers. She always loved to snuggle.

Boompa's favorite memory: Cutlass would always come over and sit by him and just wait for him to pet her.

Gigi's favorite memory: How happy Cutlass was when she came over and how Gigi always brought leftovers for her.

Kent's favorite memory: Monster trucks (I don't think he understood the assignment.)

Another one of Clark's cards for Cutlass...

I wouldn't have normally photographed us actually burying Cutlass, but Clark brought his camera out to the back and asked me to take pictures. And now I'm sharing it.

We got a piece of flagstone from my mom's house. The one the boys picked out is eerily shaped like Cutlass's head. It's just perfect and will mark her final resting place.

We miss you Cutlass! All dogs go to heaven!


-michele said...

So sorry. What happened?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for your loss. The memories you have will last an eternaty.


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