Sunday, August 25, 2013

The First One in First Grade

First day of school - who is more excited, Clark or Kent? I'll tell you for sure that it was ME! I didn't want to be excited for Clark to go back to school. I wanted to want the summer last forever. But let's face it. I really think it was time for Clark to go back to school.

He's such an old pro at this school thing. He picked out his Lego CHIMA backpack and loves sporting his new Minecraft gear. That's the most important part of school, right? That and recess.

We were told that Clark has a very strict teacher for first grade. I tried to keep the opinions away from Clark so that he could make up his own mind about her. The day before school the neighbors told him that she was super mean. Ugh. So much for a clean slate.

When he came home from school, we asked how he liked his teacher. His reply, "I like her board. It's all about movies." I think he has a great future in politics. Very diplomatic!

Clark's favorite things about first grade so far:
1. Reading
2. Playing with friends at recess
3. Learning to use a laptop
4. Making a self-portrait
5. Sitting at the back of the bus

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-michele said...

Hopefully, Kent will be as excited to go to school when it's really his time!


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