Friday, July 19, 2013

Two Months

While the first month flew by, this month seemed to take FOREVER! But she's getting bigger and is showing her personality a bit more. I love that she hardly fits in the Eames Rocker laying down like this anymore. Hopefully next month I'll be able to prop her up to a sitting position...oooooh the excitement in my life!

She was actually sleeping this time around too - that was nice. She's a great day sleeper when she's being held, but not so much when I try to put her down. That's something she has to work on!

I thought I would add a little progression collage this time. It sure is easier than flipping back and forth between blog posts. I can't believe how much she is growing when I see it like this! I also can't believe how off the color is on the pictures. One day I'll be able to make them all look day. The 2 month picture is probably the most accurate in terms of color. Just in case you wondered what color her walls were. One day you'll get a tour of the nursery day.

At two months Kara smiles a ton, cries a ton, spits up a ton and makes us love her a ton! The boys are still quite taken by her. Clark is having a blast with making her smile. He still loves to hold her and he does "1,2,3,whee" where he picks her up on the "whee" part. Makes me nervous. Makes him and her happy. Kent loves to see her and give her kisses. He's also noticed how much I can do with one hand and wants  me to use only 1 hand even when someone else has Kara or she is sleeping. I feel like a circus side show.

Happy 2 months Kara!

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