Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Dancing with Grave Digger

This past weekend was the weekend we became autograph hounds! My brother clued us in to this awesome event at Bass Pro Shops with Grave Digger and El Toro Loco. The boys were so excited to see the trucks again and get autographs and pictures with the drivers. This is Charlie Pauken who they saw drive Grave Digger back in February. 

They loved that whenever he would win, he would get out of the truck and do this dance on top of Grave Digger. We called it the Grave Digger Dance. Well, we tried to get the boys to do the dance with Charlie, but they were too embarrassed. So Chuck did the Chuckie Shuffle all by himself.

When we went around the back of the truck, Kent broke out of his shell and started busting a move!

Here they are with El Toro Loco. It was fun watching Kent try to make the bull horns.

All the boys were willing to do the Chuckie Shuffle by the end of our visit. And here's proof that Kara was there too!

They are so excited for Monster Jam in February!

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-michele said...

So cute.

It brings me back to Eli's monster truck obsession. Fond memories, except the sounds and smells of the shows... ick!


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