Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Big 33

So we're finally the same age for a little while. No more "you're so old" jokes from him. Until August anyway!

Jason came home a little earlier than usual on his birthday, so we decided to go to Lou Malnati's before the dinner rush! The pizza was great, and then we got 2 chocolate chip pizzas. Wouldn't you know...Clark and Kent wouldn't touch the chocolate chip pizzas so we both got to enjoy our own pizzas. That's WAY more cookie and ice cream than one person should consume in a single sitting, but oh so good.

Present time! Like I said before, I felt like Jason didn't get enough gifts, but really...he got a table saw too. Though he didn't waste any time telling me how strange it was that we bought him a cushy bicycle seat for his birthday. Every time his old rear end comes home from a bike ride he talks about a cushy seat. Problem solved.

I think he liked Clark's gift of the He-Man toys that Jason gave to Clark - haha! I do love Clark's drawing of He-Man though. I thought he did a bang up job!

They were predicting a HUGE storm and Jason was hoping for some hail damage for his birthday, so we stayed home and played games and had frosted brownies to finish off the night. Of course the Blackhawks game was on too, but Jason couldn't quite stay awake for the triple overtime. It's your birthday - do what you want! We're glad they won anyway!

Here's to another great year!

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-michele said...

Wow... it must have been early... never seen Malnati's so empty! Love the blowing out the candles shot! ...and 33? Really??


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