Wednesday, June 05, 2013

The Last or the First?

9 SHORT months ago I sent this guy out into the world as a kindergartener.

He came home today a very excited FIRST grader!

This was his last bus ride of the school year. Everyday when the bus comes he patiently waits for the bar and stop sign to come soon as it starts...he's off! It reminds me of horse racing or something. The gate opens and he runs to school. I'm so glad he likes it so much! 

Here is the Clark Fan Club that was able to come to Clark's Kindergarten Graduation.

Clark receiving his diploma from Mr. K.

A huge THANK YOU to this teacher for making Clark's first year at school such an amazing one.

I think Kent is a little star struck. I hope Mr. K. is around when he goes into kindergarten.

Happy Graduation Clark! Now let's have some FUN this summer!

Clark's Top 5 Things About Kindergarten
1. Centers
2. Meeting Awesome Friends
3. Getting on Mr. K's Shirt
4. Science
5. The Kindergarten Picnic

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