Thursday, June 06, 2013

Monster Jam for a 3 Year Old!

We had Kent's birthday party on Sunday evening with the family. He has been so excited for this Monster Jam for months. Once the cake was made...there was no stopping the excitement for this little fellow. Jason, Clark and Kent did an amazing job on the cake. 

Getting ready for everyone to sing to him

Blowing out the candles

Aren't these the coolest? Thanks Auntie Kelli! We also had monster cookies, oreos and chocolate donuts posing as spare tires and CRUNCH bars.

Present time - Kent had lots of help with his presents. He loved opening gifts with his brother and cousins.

A cool new blanket featuring the coolest monster trucks. Jason is VERY jealous of this blanket. But there is no way that Kent is giving it up. It quickly replaced the blanket on his bed.

I think almost every gift had something to do with monster trucks. And I think he was A-OK with that!

Gigi and Boompa made this cool Monster Jam table. It's made on one of the train table bases, but with monster truck stuff on it. Kent LOVES it! He was actually a little speechless for a while as he checked it all out. That doesn't happen too often.

The big kids thought it was pretty awesome too.

My mom is putting together a video of how she made it, so when she's done I'll post it here in case you want to make one of your own.... I mean, look at this thing, it's so awesome!

Kent, we are so lucky to have you in our family! We love your spunk and your humor and sometimes we even love your attitude. Here's wishing you (and me) a year of Terrific Threes!

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-michele said...

looks like an awesome birthday for an awesome kid... and man... Gigi and Boompa sure ROCK! or is it Jam???


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