Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dad's Day - SOAKED

I really feel like Jason got the short end of the stick this year for his birthday and Father's Day. I tried to get gifts for all birthdays and holidays before we had Kara, but he was just a little harder to buy for. To be fair...he told us not to get him anything since he wanted to get a table saw. He said that would be his birthday and Father's Day gifts. But we all know that means buy me gifts AND a table saw. So that's what we did...

Since we can't get a picture of them smiling at the same time, we decided not to even try!

One of Jason's favorite kinds of candy is Riesen. So we decided to come up with lots of different "Riesens" that we loved him. We wrapped each candy in a reason so that whenever he takes a piece of candy he can read what a great dad he is! The boys had a good time coming up with reasons. Right away Clark said that he loved his dad because he plays football with him, takes him on bike rides and lets him ride in the front seat.

When I asked Kent what he loved about his dad, he responded, "I like whales." Hahaha!

The Elder's Quorum is heavy into superheroes and sci-fi and the like. Which is great for Jason since he kind of likes superheroes. Well, they went to the opening of Star Trek a few weeks ago and that is ALL he has been talking about since. What an amazing movie. That was the best movie I've ever seen. Now I have to watch the first one. I made it quite clear to Jason that he had enough obsessions and that he didn't need to get into Star Trek too. I guess it's too late for that. We bought him this shirt. Wear it with pride.

After we celebrated a little at home, we went to Jason's parents for a little while. Then off to Dave and Kelli's for a Super Soaker Father's Day BBQ. Here is Josh giving the rules of the water fight.

After we found out that Josh had completely stacked the deck against Jason, Clark, Kent and Alvinia, we demanded a little fairness. Clark was the only one on our team with a water gun at the start of the fight.

That was okay since Jason then turned on the hose. Then he grabbed a water gun and went and attacked the other team. Fun idea for a Father's Day party!

Happy Dad's Day to a fabulous dad!

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