Monday, May 13, 2013

We Appreciate Mr. K!

Oh I've been waiting for Teacher Appreciation Week at school all year long! When I was a teacher, this was the best week of the year. I hope Mr. K had as great of a week as I did when I was a teacher. He certainly deserves it!

On Monday we decorated the doors. Mr. K loves the movie Up, so we based our gift and door decor on those things. We had each student write their name on the balloons and tied the strings together with a tag. I know these kids look UP to Mr. K and want to be like him. He's a lot of fun and really does a fantastic job teaching them!

The parent mentor in the room also organized a little something for Mr. K each day. We sent in fruit, flowers, candy, notepads and hand written thank you notes. 

Then we put together a little keepsake book for each of the kindergarten teachers. Again based on the movie, we made them an Adventure book.

Each student drew a favorite memory of kindergarten and their teacher. This is Clark's drawing. They are on the playground.

Thanks Mr. K for making Clark's first year of school so memorable! Kindergarten really does ROCK!

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