Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Rain, Rain

Two weeks ago school was canceled for a Rain Day! The kids thought it was pretty cool. I didn't mind...especially since we didn't get any water in our basement. We were very worried that we were going to though. It seems like the basement always floods. This time we just had to deal with the bus stop flooding.

Our neighbors at the bottom of the street had a big crew of Scouts over to help them sandbag just in case they got water. I couldn't believe how high the water was on the street. And we didn't even get hit that hard. At least I didn't think so...I'm sure these homeowners were telling another story.

The boys kept talking about the flood and how crazy it was, so of course (per Clark's request) we had to read the story of Noah and the BIG flood for family scripture time. I think they got a little clearer of a picture of the meaning of a flood.

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