Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May 4, 2013: Carousel, Kare Bear, Free Comics and Star Wars

What a full day we had on May 4th! It was a lot of fun to be able to just spend time having fun together as a family. We didn't do too many chores and we tried to just enjoy the day. We don't get a whole lot of days like that around here.

We started at the mall and of course we had a carousel ride because dad was with us.

And we stuffed Kara's special little Kare Bear at Build A Bear Workshop. The boys were so cute cleaning her up and getting her ready. They are excited for their sister to come. Jason bought the bear ahead of time and brought it home so I could sew on the supergirl patch. Then we took it back to stuff.

Next stop...Graham Cracker Comics for Free Comic Book Day which is the first Saturday of May each year. Maybe we have it set up as a repeating event on our Cozi Calendar. Maybe. We of course had to pick up a Star Wars edition since it was May 4th.

Then we had a baptism and a birthday party and then our first outdoor movie night of the year!

It was still a bit cold out for Star Wars Day, but you can't tell Jason no when it comes to outdoor movies. We just bundle up and brave the cold. We kept with tradition and picked up Milky Way and Star Crunch. This year we even added Yoda Soda. It's our typical punch just made green.

And here's the new set up with the inflatable screen. We are trying to figure out where we want everything and then Jason is actually going to run power out there. It sure will beat having wires everywhere.

It was good. The fourth was with us.

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