Friday, May 24, 2013

A Baby Story - Kara

This was just before we drove to the hospital. I measured my belly at 44". I think if we weren't scheduled for a c-section this day, we would have been going in anyway. Jason thought he was so funny wearing his "Who's Your Daddy?" shirt. The nurses all thought he was hilarious.

Not quite sure what he's doing here. We were trying to figure out how to showcase the largeness of the belly. I don't think we captured it.

The two best brothers ever. They are so proud to have a little sister. While we were in the hospital they spent some time with Gigi, Boompa, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Dave, Auntie Kelli and Josh. What fun!

Don't be fooled by the smile. I am dying of itchy nose and face.

Before we went into the OR, they ran a blood test and found my blood count to be low. They were pretty worried about it and had some blood ready for me just in case. My doctor was able to minimize blood loss, so they didn't transfuse me then, but she wanted to test me again that evening just to be sure. When they tested me again, it went lower than they wanted, so we decided to get a transfusion. That sure wasn't what I expected going into the hospital. Compared to last time when Kent was the one they were worried about, I decided that I would rather it be me they were worried about than the baby. I like healthy babies!

I was thinking that I would have a 9 lb. baby since the boys were so big. When they told me she was 6lb. 5oz. I couldn't believe it. But she is a teeny little peanut for sure. She was just a little too small so they had to do blood sugar tests on her for the first day but she was in the "good" zone each time so they stopped after the fifth good reading.

Otherwise the surgery went well and Jason was able to watch the whole thing which is what he really wanted. The doctor didn't want him to watch with Kent, and he was really bummed. But this time we had a great nurse who let him watch.

Proud papa!

The boys just love her! It is so fun to share her with them. They love to know where she is and what she's doing. Kent likes to make her wave and say hello. They both love holding her. She's going to be well taken care of!

My mom bought the boys belly washers and was so surprised to see this one there too! She just had to buy it! Perfect for the day!

Kara's first bath. You miss a lot having a c-section, but at least Jason got to be there with her. I had to stay in the room hooked up to everything. She hated the bath.

The crowd watching her get a bath.

There were so many people who came to visit in the hospital. These are the ones that we remembered to get pictures of. There were more, but there is so much to think about that sometimes we forgot to get the camera out.

Getting dressed to go home. I had made a cute little supergirl outfit, headband and shoes, but they were meant for a larger baby. We'll have to get pictures of those when she puts on some weight! My mom went out and bought some preemie clothes so she would have something to wear home.

She doesn't look happy at all. It was hard work getting those little pants on her legs.


And home we go! She actually didn't mind the car seat at all. That's a welcome change from the boys! They weren't too fond of the car seat for a while.

We are so glad she's finally here and home with us!

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Courtney @ {not so homemade} said...

She's beautiful! Congratulations!


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