Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Break with Dad at the Zoo!

We FINALLY decided to renew our zoo membership last month. We haven't had one for almost a year and let me tell you...that was hard, haha! Since Clark was on Spring Break I decided to try to take them to the zoo. Jason thought he wasn't going to be able to take time off of work, but he finished a job early and was able to take a half day! Woo hoo! We decided to check out the dinos. They were actually different from the last time which was quite impressive. I thought it would be just a repeat.

Clark loved the dinos. He's an old pro at these things now. He did get a little afraid when Jason said the T-Rex was looking at him. Kent...was not too sure. He wasn't terrified, but he wasn't sure about them either. He stayed close to if that was going to save him. Silly kid! Cameron and Clark loved the fossilized dino poop. It's pictured below. Probably not hard to figure out which picture, huh?

I was so excited to see that the zoo now has a Humuhumunukunukuapua'a. It's the state fish of Hawaii and a lovely little creature that grunts like a pig. I think that is what the name means. Too funny. How do they know what sound it makes?

Some of the little enjoying the tank. 

Jason enjoying the snakes and reptiles. we go again! How many times did I have to say that a rattlesnake would NOT be a good pet?

The kids painted their faces at the Play Zoo. Cameron was the artist for Clark's dinosaur masterpiece. He has red teeth because they are bloody. Kent and Auntie Stephanie worked together on his cutie patootie.

Clark and Cameron showing off their gruesomeness.

The obligatory kangaroo picture.

We saw some cool things today. The baby Green Tree Python was so cute. As cute as a snake can be. Then there was the baby colobus monkey. Adorable. And a baby giraffe. So many babies! Then we found that there was indeed a roadrunner at the zoo. And for the first time I saw the peacock lift up its feathers and was able to snap a pic! I've seen it from behind before (not so pretty) but this was the first time I saw the front view. LOVE it!

Since we were there until closing, we thought we would go see the lion roar. We had a hunch that the lion roars each night just before the zoo closes. Well, we got there and there was no lion. But...there was a tiger and he roared! Hooray! So if you are ever at the zoo until closing, head on over to the big cats and you just might hear one of them too!

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