Thursday, April 11, 2013

Conference Weekend

We love Conference Weekend over here! It's a wonderful opportunity to listen to the Prophet, Apostles and leaders of the church teach, inspire, uplift and correct us. I'm glad that my boys are really learning to love Conference too. 

This year I found this idea from Jen Lund's blog and figured that I had a few more years where it would be a great addition to our Conference activities, so I decided to put in the time and whip one up. Whipping one up takes a lot of time, but it was worth it. I found some wonderful FREE printables from another blog by Tiffany Keetch. I spent a lot of time laminating, cutting, gluing and sticking on velcro dots.

Here is the board in action...excuse Jason's hair. He enjoys Conference as the Great Horned Owl. And excuse Kent's undies. He enjoys conference sans pants. Clark decided that he wanted to be in his church clothes for Sunday conference. I'm not sure where he got that from, but I won't tell him he can't!

The boys would pick out the speaker from the little pockets on the left and then pick out the topics the speaker was talking about from the board on the right. When the speaker was done, they would put the speaker in the chairs and everything where it belongs. I think I'd still like to add a family part in the empty spot on the left, but that will have to wait for a little bit. I have to redo the YW Presidency too...sheesh!

The boys had a few crafts to work on and these crowns were a crowd pleaser.

Jason, Clark and I worked on building a Lego temple while Kent napped during Sunday afternoon session. It's a new design. Maybe they will use it for one of the new temples that were announced. 

Another thing we like to do is what I call "TIE"M for Conference. We decorate the ties of the 1st Presidency and the 12. Kent loved hanging anything up on the wall for me. You can see that the boys missed Saturday afternoon session! I was sick and my mom took the boys for a while.

This year they added making ties for themselves too. Nothing beats a beautiful paper tie taped to a Kung Fu Panda shirt. And there are those Pepto Bismol dresses on the tv in the background. Blech.

Clark had a good time coming up with his own Conference games and activities too. He kept wanting to search for coloring pages for conference. Kent was content to do whatever his older brother did! We also played Bingo this year for the first time. I think that will be a family favorite in the future.

What a great weekend full of wonderful messages! 

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