Monday, November 12, 2012


I want to remember this day. Not just because Isaiah came and raked up my leaves (which was SOOO nice!) but because I love the smiles and the laughter and the friendship shared by the boys. It's so good to see them playing together as brothers and having a good time doing it. So if I ever say that they never get along, just remind me that there was that one day in November when they had such a great time together.

Isaiah doing all the hard work...

The boys "raking" in all the fun. Isaiah had this brilliant idea to put the pile of leaves at the bottom of the slide so they could all slide into it. What a blast!

Isaiah did get to play too and loved every minute of it.

Face first...seems like a reasonable idea to me!

Kent - knee deep in leaves and loving it

Clark - buried alive and also loving it

The boys decided to try to use this tunnel for some fun with leaves. Clark and Kent were able to get through okay, but when it was Isaiah's turn, he really got stuck. Oh we had some laughs over this one.

Clark decided that playing dead in the leaves was one of his favorite things to do. I often found him like this in the pile of leaves.

And of course, Kent's day isn't complete unless he whacks something with a baseball bat. He started whacking first then he tried to swing at the leaves as I threw them at him. It was more an exercise in frustration than anything else.

Oh the happy boys. Remember...that one day in November!

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