Sunday, November 11, 2012

Clowns...all of them

Last week we went to The Greatest Show on Earth. Let me tell you, they take reasonable and rational requests and then add some stunts to them. And then add some more stunts to them. And then top it off with the CRAZY. 

There were the horseback riders. They start with riding a horse. Then they stand up. Then they do jumps around the body of the horse. Then they get this hair brained idea to form a pyramid on top of two horses. Ridiculous.

How about the motorcycle on a tight wire. Or maybe the lady who hangs from her hair. Jason is still baffled about that one. He's done many internet searches trying to figure it out. Lion tamers, elephant artists, and then the kung fu masters who jump through a circle of knives.

Let's talk about those Kung Fu masters. They jump through the circle of knives and then the next thing you know...they are putting a blind fold over their heads, lighting the circle with fire and then spinning the whole thing around and the guy still makes it through. Like I said...CRAZY.

We got to meet the craziest clown of them all during intermission. Jason loved his new nose and hat.

I don't think this was Kent's first time eating cotton candy, but it must have been the first time he remembers eating cotton candy. He looked at Gigi like she was nuts when she gave him a piece. It didn't take long for him to realize that cotton candy is right up his alley.

Back to the performers. The elephants were quite possibly my favorite part of the show. They were so fun to watch. More acrobats, trapeze artists and clown acts. Then they brought out the motorcycle ball. Seriously. I've seen this before, but I just cannot understand it. They start with 4 riders in the ball and keep increasing it until they have 8. That's right...EIGHT motorcycles in one little ball. How do you even practice something like that. How many accidents must there have been before they could successfully get 8 motorcycles in the ball? What kind of insurance does the circus carry?

At the end of the show, we found out that we had enough strength, courage, honor and heart to unleash the dragon. Clark was pretty excited. Kent was not. Of course, we are still hearing about The Greatest Show on Earth from both of the kids, so I'm pretty sure they LOVED it!

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