Saturday, November 03, 2012

2 Quilts - Same but Different

More babies last month! This first quilt was for a little girl in our ward at church. I just love small scale flower prints in all sorts of colors. I loved the idea of making a strip quilt too. Not only was it really easy, I love the look. Win-win.

I got to practice some meandering on the longarm this time. It was easier than I thought it would be. I had a few little oops spots, but not as many as I had when I was doodling the pattern! My sister in law had this awesome variegated thread that was just made for these quilts. I love the way the colors change with the pattern. So pretty. Backed in purple and bound in pink.

I also made a quilt using the same fabrics for my new little niece Genevieve. I absolutely LOVE the look of basic square patchwork. And with these small scale flowers, I was very happy. I used 4.5" squares.

Same meandering for the quilting. This time backed in pink with the same binding.

Same...but different, haha! Both quilts are about 36 x 45. Once I had them all finished, I felt like they were a little too big. Good thing the little gals can grow into them!

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