Friday, September 28, 2012

Pinned It and Did It

I was going through my Pinterest boards the other day and realized that I've actually done a few things on the boards. So...I thought I'd share!

Magnet Nativity - I found this one on Pinterest, but I decided to create one of my own instead. I used Chelle's Creations Oh Come Let Us Adore Him kit. It was fun and easy to make. I still need put a coat of poly on it, but the majority of work is done. Bring on Christmas!

I made this toothbrush holder from the inspiration here. I made it for our trip to Canada and I think it is one of the most useful things I've made in a long time. LOVE it!

Remember those passport pics? They also turned into dry erase fun for church! Inspiration here (note: the pin only goes to the blog homepage...not the particular post). We had a blast turning the kids into Batman, Wolverine, and funny old guys with moustaches.

Other fun stuff for the road trip...laminated everything. Thanks and others...I just searched Pinterest for road trip games and found all of these. I didn't actually pin them.

Last night I made Taco Pie (we changed the name since I made it in a pie plate). Clark's verdict, "I love this stuff. Can we have it every night?" Absolutely!

I also made the Brown Sugar Chicken found on Pinterest. It didn't turn out. I am going to try again now that I've learned a few things about chicken in the Crock Pot. Brown Sugar can't be bad.

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