Sunday, September 23, 2012

1 Night Camp

We took the boys camping last weekend - just Friday night. Now if there is anything I hate, it is one night camping. There is so much work and preparation for one silly night. I like to set up camp and use it for a few days. My mom and dad came with us which was a huge surprise for my dad. I guess my mom hasn't slept in a tent since 1982. We didn't go far just over to Blackwell. After a rough start and some poor planning, things finally settled down and we were able to enjoy ourselves.

Clark - always the ham.

Boompa splits wood while Gigi tends to the fire with her battery powered fan. It worked pretty well in the wet morning fire pit.

We had our signature camping breakfast. We have yet to come up with a good name for it. We just call it our Breakfast Skillet. It's a package of hashbrowns, a package of sausage, some eggs and some cheese. Cook it all up and serve. It's pretty good. My dad made his with a southwest flair by adding some salsa.

Kent was so excited that he got to drink soda for breakfast.

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