Monday, September 03, 2012

Canada Part 18: On Top of the World

Lake pretty and a must see stop when you're in Banff. The water is such a unreal shade of blue from the minerals - it's so beautiful. I wish we would have been able to take a canoe out or something.

Isn't this what everyone does to their 2 year old when they come to glacial waters? Maybe that's why in just a few minutes Kent will walk into the water with his shoes and socks on and say, "cold."

Jason was thinking that we should take a hike here. Let's just say that hiking isn't really the activity of choice for certain 2, 5 and (then) 32 year old. But we went anyway. And it was a trail of tears. We were stopped way before we reached the top and had to move on to the next thing. Bittersweet.

But I was SOO excited for the next thing! It was the gondola ride up to the top of the mountain and underneath the gondolas and chair lifts is a prime viewing area for grizzly bears. Cam, Wendy, Cameron, Brandon, Melissa and Cody all took the chair lifts.

We figured we were better off with the gondola with our little guys. Unfortunately we didn't see any grizzly bears. I guess we'll have to settle for nasty rattlesnakes.

Here we are on top of the world. Most of us were singing the Carpenters' Top of the World, but Melissa preferred her own classic..."it's the top of the world as we know it...and I feel fine." There is, of course, an interpretive center at the top of the world. It has animal skins to play with and wear. There's a viewing area to see the bottom of the world. And for the geriatric folks, there is a golf cart ride back to the chair lift to go back to the bottom.

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