Monday, September 03, 2012

Canada Part 17: Banff Bound

We decided to take a little camping trip while we were on vacation. We headed up to Banff National Park. Kent rode in style. How can you resist this kid?! He wore the goggles almost all the way to Banff, about 3 hours away.

We actually camped in the Bow Valley Provincial Park. The campground was nice, but we were given the crappiest sites in the entire place. We were just off the road and had zero cover which proved to be quite a problem. I bought our tent just before we went out to Canada and am SO happy with this tent! The poles are all attached and it goes up in 60 seconds. We were done with our tent and everyone else was still trying to figure out how the poles go. LOVE the tent.

We knew it was going to rain the first night, so we set up camp while it was dry and then headed into town. While we were away...the wind and rain did a number on the tent that housed Cam, Wendy, Brandon, Melissa, Cody and Cameron. Jason, the kids and I all got back from town before the others who had gone to see a movie. We came back to this...and an inside that was completely flooded. Almost all of the bedding and mattresses had gotten wet. It was so terrible. Jason set the tent back up, but there was nothing we could do about the rest. We sent a text to the other half of the group and hoped they could figure something out.

The next night was SOO windy. The other two tents would flap about in the wind and almost flatten out onto the ground before the wind let up. Our tent was fine. There was a lot of flapping fabric, but nothing really major. Two of our tent stakes did come out of the ground, but she stood firm. It was quite cold too. We bought tent heaters to help warm us up a little and take the chill off. Not a bad product...

Some candid shots of the food...

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