Sunday, September 02, 2012

Canada Part 15: Hoodoos & Milk River

Want to see a bunch of grown men turn into explorers just like when they were 10 years old? Then go to the hoodoos! Jason, Cam, Brandon and Cody had a blast climbing up and down and all around them. Often they would see a rock and just start climbing it without realizing that there was a much easier path to take to get to the top. But they conquered! Other times they would get up and then had to hike around a bit to find a good way to get down. Oh, but they had fun.

Lots of fun snapshots and lots of opportunities to see the "dad" pose!

Clark really wanted to climb up the rocks and be just like the big kids, but he wasn't able to get up there by himself usually. Trouble was that he wouldn't let anyone except for Jason help him either. So Jason couldn't pick Clark up and hand him to grandpa in this picture below. That would be too easy. He had to make Clark hold onto his neck while he climbed up with the monkey on his back.

Hoodoo country.

Our next stop was Milk River. The river might be milk, but the beach is nothing but pure mud. Disgusting. The boys loved it of course. They dug out a hole and plopped themselves right in the middle of it. The river wasn't bad. The water was relatively warm and had a nice strong current. We saw lots of people floating down on tubes and rafts. Next time we might try that. There were also plenty of rocks to skip. It's so funny how no matter their age, boys love to throw rocks.

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