Thursday, August 30, 2012

Canada Part 8: Triple Dunk

With the two person tube out of commission, we now had to find three unassuming riders to take a chance on Darwin's driving. We didn't have to look too far...Cody, Brandon and Blaine signed right up.

They say this three person tube really can't be flipped over.

But it sure can toss people out! Cody ended up pulling Brandon in by the way they were holding on to the tube. Each time they would try a new hand hold. It didn't matter...someone always fell out!

They sure got their fair share of bumps and jumps too!

And then I missed the shot of the day. I missed the moment where they were all three airborn and flying into the water. My camera card was acting up and I had to turn the camera off and then back on just as they went over. Pretty hard to flip, huh? Not for Uncle Darwin! Either that or Blaine was just asking for it with his cocky attitude right before they went down!

Oh they are!

Even after the dunk of the day, they got back on and got thrashed some more. My camera picked up this last fall and then the batteries went out. I guess 700+ photos is a lot to ask of it...

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