Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Canada Part 7: Revenge

Jason wasn't on the boat when Darwin and Cam took their wild ride, so when Clinton asked if anyone wanted to go on the tube with him, he jumped at the chance. He had no idea what was in store for him.

As you can see, he's all jokes and goofing off at the start. 

They started off pretty happy and having a good time.

That is until Darwin decided that he would start the ride with a little decapitation. He put the boat into a whirlpool spin and the tube ended up turned around the rope was about to take off a limb or worse! A misunderstanding...maybe, maybe not.

The ride continued and they were splashed, thrashed and whiplashed over and over again.

Finally Clinton fell off and Jason took a much needed break. (All I can hear is King Julien from Madagascar saying, "They're just a bunch of pansies.")

More turning, more jumping, more falling out.

When Clinton fell out, Jason was able to take a little break and catch his breath. When Jason fell out, Darwin offered his own son no such kindness. Clinton had to leap across the tube and distribute his weight across both seats so he wouldn't be tossed in again.

I think Jason should win an Emmy for the faces he made on this you think he was playing it up for the camera?

The last splash.

After the guys got back on the tube, we all heard a loud crack. We thought my camera had hit the side of the boat, but it turned out they broke the tube! This was seriously the wildest boat ride I have ever been on. I think if I wasn't focusing on the tube through the camera lens I would have thrown up. Or at least been yelling at Darwin to stop driving like a maniac. Jason said he had never held on for dear life before that ride. Oh these boys were sore the next day.

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