Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Hot & Happy 4th of July

I really think the 4th of July is quickly becoming one of my favorite holidays. That is if it isn't so dang hot! 98, 100, 102, just kept climbing this year! And it was soooo humid. I tried to get some cute pics of the boys before we got hot, but let's be honest...the minute we walked out the door, we were hot.

I love having a flag out front (thanks Boy Scouts!) and the boys do too. Kent tried to whack a flag with a flag and Clark was busy trying to put his flags in the ground. (No flags were actually harmed in this picture, it only lay on the ground for a moment. He's only 4 you know.)

Kent tries to put his flag in the ground too. The ground was too hard for them to get it in. And our lawn just looks sorry and dead.

We love going to the ward picnic on the 4th too. This year the Bishop (my dad) decided to do a kite fly activity. The kids all loved flying kites. The wind was perfect and the sky so blue. Kent gave up the kite flying and opted instead to be Mr. Mister. He sat in the lawn chair and would squirt everyone that walked by. It felt so good in the heat.

And then onto the Village's 4th of July Extravaganza! They really put on a great day. We get there early and stake out our spot with a canopy and our teepee. Then we settle in for some watermelon and cold, cold drinks. This year Kent also won the cheese puff eating contest. The Village also has a bunch of the bouncy house things that the kids can go on, some great food, and sprinkler tents too.

We met some friends and the boys just loved playing with Maddie and Catie. I'm not sure what Maddie thinks of Kent here but it just cracks me up.

Jason spent the afternoon being the kids' favorite toy. That is until he lost Catie's necklace. It was found and all was well, but it was a little nerve-wracking for those few minutes.

"Look at the camera if you like hanging out with Jason!" What a big kid he is!

The fireworks show starts with an airplane flying around. Since our Cavalcade of Planes, Kent is obsessed with all things airplane, so he really loved this. He has mixed feelings about the fireworks. He wanted to hold on to Jason, but he wanted to see them too, so he kept peeking his head around. Clark has always liked the fireworks, but this year he didn't care for the really bright, loud ones. He's been kind of a scaredy cat lately on everything, so I was happy this was all he didn't like.

Happy 4th of July!!

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