Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Chicago Botanic Gardens

Two weeks ago we went to the Botanic Gardens in Glencoe, IL. This is only my second time there, but they are just wonderful. It is like this little gem tucked away in the big city. The kids hit the ground running. I think they would have played here all day if we didn't make them leave.

One of the coolest things at the Botanic Gardens is the Model Railroad Garden. It's a tour of some of the most popular landmarks in America. Clark is standing in front of the windiest road in San Francisco in the bottom left. Kent poses in front of one of the bridges of Madison County in the top center. Then there's the Corn Palace (pictured middle). I think this was one of the only landmarks that was unheard of to me. Have you heard of it? Have you been there? I think I might have to arrange a trip there some time.

Clark loves the circus and all the animals he can see.

Kent obviously loved the baseball stadiums. This was the only time that he tried to climb over the railing. One of the conductors had to get him down since I was too busy snapping pictures. Oops. I can not believe how much this kid is into sports.

They even have some truly scary exhibits. I mean really, really horrible ones. Like the Butterfly Garden. Kent was fine. Clark...not so much. Here he is in the photo showing to you which butterflies are the most horrible. Which ones he will scream at the most. Which ones he will throw a tantrum and cry and stomp his feet and flail his arms at. There is the worst offender of them all...the monarch. Ooooo the terror.

We all decided to calm down in the Children's Growing Garden. It was a nice place to stop since I was still reeling at Clark and this gave me a chance to calm down. The boys got to search for bugs and squirt water to their hearts' content.

Why Kent...what big eyes you have?!

Day is done. Time for home.

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