Sunday, April 29, 2012

Conference Time

I spent some time this year preparing activities for General Conference. Thank heaven for Pinterest, right? We set up tents like the Nephites in the days of King Benjamin. It was fun, but it kept falling down so we took it down after the morning session.

We built Lego temples. This was one of my favorite activities. We actually just took our temple down off of the "mantle" this week.

Made Lego cameras
And had a lot of junk to eat. We also colored ties of the First Presidency and all of the apostles when they spoke. Did you know that President Uchtdorf (Clark's favorite apostle) changes his tie for each and every session? Doesn't he seem like the kind of guy that would want to wear a different tie for each session? We like him lots around here. Either that or he is a very messy eater and gets his ties dirty at meals between sessions. :)

We did little activity and snack bags too for the different talks. I'm excited to keep trying new things to make Conference weekend a fun and memorable weekend for the kids.

What kinds of conference traditions do you guys have?

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-michele said...

Love the tent... am I too old to sit in a tent and watch conference?


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