Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's Hidden

But we can find it if we take the path just down the street. We love living so close to a bike/walking path that takes us to a lake (and canoe launch). But sometimes 1.25 miles "takes for a long time" as Clark would say.

I'll show you why...we stop to point out Red Winged Blackbirds which are one of dad's favorite birds. We also point out Cardinals, the bat house, a huge painted turtle and bird nests up in the trees. We also point out poop. I'm not sure what a walk would be with these guys if we didn't point out poop.

We run a lot...sometimes in the right direction and sometimes not.

We admire the big hole of dirt and mud and throw stuff in it.

We can't decide if we like the picture of them looking at us, or this one...

We climb on fences of course.

We practice balancing on the little path that leads in to the middle of the lake.

We get really bored of mom taking so many pictures. She's so demanding.

And we get as close as we possibly can.

The 1.25 miles back was a lot faster thanks to this...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The pictures are great. The boys are really getting good at letting you take them. Clark is a great brother and Kent enjoys his attention. Gigi


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