Friday, March 16, 2012

it may be a cruel joke

but we are taking full advantage of warm weather in March!! I'm sure that we'll still have a snowstorm or something. I had to run in and pick up some of my CANNOTLIVEWITHOUT lip balm at The Body Shop, so we stopped at the hippos too and made a morning of it.
This little one...don't let that cute face fool you. He's nothing but tantrums lately. I honestly feel like I can't do anything right with him. It's just a phase, right? We'll see. :)

I love this walking pose. It just cracks me up.
Clark is just growing, growing and growing. He quotes movies and tv shows, tells me to turn off my music and turn on his, and thinks he is big enough to do just about anything. I'm glad he has confidence if nothing else!
We always love mid-air shots. And we always love time at the hippos!

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MALaub said...

Ali saw the Kent photos and said, "It's Kent! I love him! But I'm not going to marry him. I'm going to marry Clark." Tell Clark watch out. He needs to keep practicing those jumps in case he ever needs to make a quick escape away from Ali.


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