Wednesday, February 08, 2012

WIP 2.8

Sometimes I am honestly surprised at how quickly Wednesday comes around.

Completed Projects
  •  February Bee Blocks-I just love these fabrics and the quilt pattern is great too.

Projects in Progress
  • Wee Woodland Flying Geese Quilt - finished blocks are up to 20! Half way done with the top! I think I was under the impression that this quilt would be a quick one. It's not. It takes a long time, but that's okay too. I like the piecing practice.

  • Farmer's Wife Quilt Along (FW) - Three blocks finished this week! I'm hoping to get a photoshop template made this week. That way I can drop them in and start to see the color wheel. I'm up to 6 completed blocks! I'm saving some of the more difficult ones for later. I don't know if that's a good idea or not, but I really think I need more piecing practice before I tackle the blocks with 40-50 pieces each!?!

  • Hand Towel Apron - no progress
  • 2012 Christmas Planner - no progress
  • Basement Sewing Table - no progress
  • Baby Quilt 1 - no progress (due May)
  • Baby Quilt 2 - no progress (due May)

New Projects
  • Baby Quilt 3 - this one isn't "due" for a while, hehe!
Completed: 1
New: 1
Total In Progress: 10 (uh-oh!)

Home reno updates...not much! We've taken a little break after the huge deadline rush. Jason still installs a few pieces of shoe moulding each night, but nothing too big. 

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-michele said...

Wednesday comes around so often... teehee

Love the pinwheel/kaleidoscope fabric! YUMMY!

Now what this baby #3? Are you sharing some news? :-)

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Wow!! I adore the colours you used in both quilts

Jess said...

What fabrics are those in the first picture? I wouldn't normally pick those colors, but they look so lovely all together!

M-R said...

You have great projects on the go, Mary! Love those fabrics in the flying geese blocks!


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