Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Party! Party! Party!

Hooray for fun Saturdays!

Clark was invited to his friend Ali's fourth birthday party at the Imagination Station. He and Kent (and all of the other kids) had a great time running around and climbing everywhere. Thanks Ali for a fun time!

Then we went to a Wolves game. Dave and Kelli had reserved the party deck where we got to enjoy a great view, great food and some brownies that I still think about. We were also treated to some cool Wolves gear. Love the party deck! Thanks Dave and Kelli!

Clark and Josh rooting for the Wolves!

Jason and Kent both got new jerseys at the game (again...thanks Dave and Kelli!). They were excited to be all decked out in Wolves. Skates also made a special trip to the party deck. Unfortunately, the kids were all out playing at the bounce houses away from the game. Kent was the only one to see him...and he didn't really want to see him anyway! It's cool to see Kelli's travel agency up on the jumbotron too.

We put this Wolves hat on Kent and he instantly started posing. I didn't get any non-blurry pics (what's that all about?) so I decided to do a fake instagram and I do think it redeems the pic. It's too cute not to post!

A lovely Saturday night! How was your weekend?

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