Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WIP Wednesday 1/25

OK. I promise that I will not only blog about works in progress. But I still have to do this one. I do have another post I want to write, but it has a video and that just means it will take me forever to get it up here.

We've been very busy this week though! No time for blog posting!!

Completed Projects
  •  none...

Projects in Progress
  • Wee Woodland Flying Geese Quilt - made four more blocks and repieced (is that a word?) the two that I already made. I've been very good friends with my seam ripper lately, but I'm hoping that relationship is going to take a step back. I really like the way it is turning out. Can't wait to throw it across my sofa when it's all finished.

  • Farmer's Wife Quilt Along (FW) - Still collecting fabric. Made the first block (for the third time) and also completed blocks 2 and 4. I think I might just skip 3 (Basket). I just don't like the basket block. And I guess I can do that....not make it. No one is forcing me, right? I can't wait to get more blocks done so I can really start to see the color wheel effect take shape.

New Projects
  • Baby Quilts x2 (fabric arrived on Monday, woo hoo!!)
Completed: 0
New: 2
Total In Progress: 8

On the stairfront...More progress! The base is complete and we just purchased the rest of the moulding to form the top. I'm really excited about how they are turning out. We're going to turn Jason into a woodworker yet! I can't wait until I can put some stain on these puppies!

I've stained and varnished the rest of the quarter round, so we'll have completed baseboards soon! Woo hoo! And the second closet door is going to the finishing table today.

I did take a new picture of the stairs, but I didn't bother to clean up first! Don't they look wonderful serving their purpose...holding jackets?! The little angle things on the iron bars are not going to stay like that. There will be one at the bottom and one at the top. We won't screw them in until the stairs have all been stained and such. Jason will be making a cap for the top of the railing to get the right proportions. He's done such a great job on these!!
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Janine said...

I really like your Wee Woodland Flying Geese Quilt and your stars look great:)

Angie said...

love the flying geese - your colors are stunning! :)

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

I always love flying geese; no matter which direction they fly...nice job

Taryn said...

The Flying Geese Quilt is gorgeous. Your Farer's wife quilt is going to be great, so many great colors!

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Thanks for stopping by to comment on the quilt I am working on...I enjoy reading each one...I came back here because I couldn't see an email address on your profile...and the stairs look lovely. Didn't you know that they were suppose to hold the jackets????

Janine said...

Hi Mary, Thanks for leaving me a comment. I thought I'd just stop by to mention I think you must be a 'no reply blogger'. Blogger doesn't email me if you comment and I can't see an email in your profile. This means that if you win a giveaway they won't be able to contact you, Janine:)


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