Thursday, January 26, 2012

Clark, Jason and the Police

Clark has become really interested in music lately. He asks me to turn the volume up on songs he likes. He tells me that I like all bad songs. He says his dad likes all the cool music. (whatever...his dad listens to the Carpenters, just sayin') Anyway, Jason and Clark were in the car when De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da by The Police came on. Clark was instantly hooked. He kept asking if we could go get the CD from the library and we listen to it over and over again.

Sidenote: I told him I would put the CD on his itouch, and he said, "That's silly. How are you going to get the big CD on the itouch?" Hehe! Reminds me of Zoolander..."How can we be expected to teach children to learn how to read... if they can't even fit inside the building?"

Anyway, Clark wanted to make a dance video with his new favorite song. So here is 4:09 of Clark semi-dancing, semi-singing, semi-forgetting that he was supposed to be singing and dancing. You'll also see Kent making himself dizzy. At about 3:00 Kent holds aloft his mighty sword (stick) and says, "Power" which he does whenever he has something that even remotely resembles a sword (i.e. long and straightish). Makes his He-Man fan of a dad happy!

Pay no attention to my messy house and the Christmas decor still up...this video was from a few weeks ago!

And just because sometimes you have to pay the piper $120...


Tim Jensen said...

What is this , an mp3 player for ants!?

This is awseome, I'm sure Jason was proud.

Melissa said...

Rob and I are proud. We quote Zoolander as often as humanly possible!

That was adorable! I can't believe how well Clark handled the severe beating. My kids would be crying for HOURS!

Oh, and about that ticket....couldn't you just say you hadn't seen your best friend all week? Those Woodridge cops are stinkers.


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