Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Cold Day in July a lot like a warm day in January!

We've been loving this 50 degree weather we're having! I know it will all end too soon, but we're trying to take advantage of it while we can.

Yesterday (after a brief battle with the Big Blue van) we were able to go to the zoo with Auntie Stephanie, Zachery and Clara. We had a great time and the animals were quite active.

Clockwise from top: Camels dressed for winter, Okapi (also known as the Wing Ding Dilly by Auntie Stephanie), Pelicans from the gulf, and Macaws gossiping I'm sure!
Remains from Zoo Lights!
Token photo to show that Kent was there too!!

We've also spent lots of time riding scooters and big wheels.

Snow coming in just a few days...

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