Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Teach a Man to Feed Himself

You would think that all I ever think about is food. I swear most of my posts are about food or eating. Well, it's kind of true. Someone is always hungry around here, or wanting a snack, or needing a drink, or won't eat or has a dirty diaper because of everything he ate. Sorry. That crossed the line, didn't it?

Well, it's always a big day around here when you get to wield the spoon. It turns yogurt into yog-ART. Kent has now graduated from being spoon fed to making it by the sweat of his brow. I took a little longer this time. I think I remember how messy this stage was with Clark. So, if you don't hear from me, I'm probably mopping the floor. Again.

I just love how he gave up the spoon in favor of more effective methods. He's a thinker, this one.
Cutlass, on the other hand, absolutely loves having messy little kids around.

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MALaub said...

You are so good to let the mess flow. Phil hasn't been given a bowl or plate of anything because he deliberately throws food on the floor while looking me in the eyes. His disdain knows no bounds. But maybe he is ready to move on to the next eating stage, and I can use the plate/bowl to scoop up the floor food.

Also, I swear that while I looked at your post, Phil excitedly pointed at the screen and said "Kent." Now the word was a little garbled because he had three toothbrushes in his mouth, but I'm sure he said it.


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