Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Welcome to the World Clara!

Little Clara was born this morning at 1:31am to proud parents Stephanie and Jake! She's a cutie, isn't she? She's the first daugher/niece/granddaughter to be born on Jason's side of the family, but she won't be lonely for long. She has a cousin due later this spring.Here's Clara and her mama...

I decided Clara needed a little offering today. So...I dug through my fabric stash and actually came up with some pink fabric that was buried deep down in the depths of the bin! Imagine that. How fun it was to sew with pink! So I made these little shoes for her. The dress is from Target. The cutest $6.00 I've ever spent. Seriously I kept it out for weeks just looking at those lovely colors and flowers. 

The book is my new favorite book to give for new parents. The girl version is My Name is Not Isabella and the boy version (just released recently) is My Name is Not Alexander. They are the cutest little stories. Maybe one day I'll do a complete review, but for today...just know that I love these books.
Welcome to the world little Clara!

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scrappin5kids said...

Those are SO darling!! Great $6 buy!


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