Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Mummy from His Mummy

Hello there! Did you miss me? Our computer died last week, and it is still in the hospital, so I'm on our ANCIENT laptop which is super slow. But at least I can still get online, right?!

On our Spoon River trip this year, I decided to make some amigurumi for the boys while I was in the car. I love amigurumi (japanese for crochet doll) because they are so quick and easy. Lion Brand Yarn Company has some really cute FREE patterns for Halloween ornaments. I just left off the little tag and gave them to Josh and Clark for little toys. Here is the pattern for the mummy that I made below. I think you may have to register to get the complete pattern, but that's no big deal. I also made a skull for Josh, but I forgot to take a picture...oops!

I have more plans for amigurumi in the future...they are teeny and oh so cute!!!


Anonymous said...

they are so cute. Is ok to say a mummy is cute?Gigi

Mindy said...

So cute! Well done!


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